We are well versed in a range of programs, and have preferred formats for the supply of digital artwork.

Scanning and artworking are also available should you have misplaced your original digital files!

We also supply a free of charge archiving service as standard practice to keep all of your precious files in a safe place should you need to make amendments or simply require a second quantity at a later date…

Additional information can be found below:

accepted formats

page layout.

Adobe® InDesign® CC or below, QuarkXPress® 8 or below, High Resolution PDF’s (Adobe® Distiller® recommended for the creation of)


Adobe® Illustrator® CC or below


Adobe® Photoshop® CC or below


Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers

Though the following are not specifically designed for producing print ready artwork, we can accept them, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee quality on output. If you do use the following applications and are aware of how to make print ready PDF’s from them, then we strongly advise this being done at your end to alleviate any potential copy re-flow/image quality problems. Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Publisher and Coral Draw files should be saved/exported into either Adobe® Illustrator® or PDF format where possible.

artwork basics

Please ensure that if you are supplying your work in its native format that you include all of the support files i.e. graphics, images etc.

page layout documents.

Unless spot colours are intended, all page layout documents should be set up in cmyk with 3mm of bleed as standard where required. Fold and/or perforation guides should also be indicated where necessary. If spot colours have been used when creating your project, but it is intended to print out of 4 colour process, they should be converted accordingly. Booklets, brochures/multi page documents should be supplied in running order. If you are using keylines as part of your design these should be set to a minimum of 0.25pt to ensure they can be produced. hi resolution pdf’s need creating to these specifications and produced with crop marks.


To ensure optimum quality, images should be set up as cmyk unless they are duotones or dcs files which are meant to be used as spot colours. All images should be at a minimum resolution of 300dpi, bitmap files are an exception and should be supplied at 1200dpi for best results. Bear in mind that when these are scaled up in page layouts the resolution reduces (we would not advise scaling above 120% as noticeable degradation can occur). Remove any compression where possible eg. jpg or lzw.


Graphics used in layouts should also be supplied in cmyk, again unless they are intended to be printed as spot colours, in which case these should be set accordingly with any unused colours being removed. It is advisable that graphics with text should be outlined to avoid any potential problems. Keylines should be set at a minimum of 0.25pt to ensure they print, if these graphics are reduced within the page layout compensation/re-sizing of the actual graphic is required to ensure the required minimum stroke weight when scaled in the layout.

If you are unsure with any of these guides, feel free to contact us before supplying your files.

Please state any specific requirements for producing your items when placing your order.

paper sizes


size conversion chart