Being the final stage of the process this is probably one of the most important processes of all, it is where the transformation from flat sheet to the completed item occurs. Optimum care is taken to ensure that the finished article looks and feels the way it was intended to. Because of this we choose to be overcarefull, all work receives meticulous attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and a superior finish. It is our ability to perform a task with this level of precision each and every time that gives the finish on which we pride ourselves.

our finishes:

trim, crease and fold


Our fully programmable EBA guillotine allows us to trim large quantities of print to your exact specifications, quickly and cleanly.

creasing & folding.

Our Digifold does what its name suggests: creases and folds, It’s efficient and flexible. We also have a couple of smaller machines which allow for greater flexibility. Various configurations can be produced including:


staples/saddle stitch.

Automated and manual stapling systems, capable of standard and loop stitching with fold/stitch/trim processes.

wiro binding.

Half-or full-Canadian binding, book, tent card and calendar binding, all second nature to EA Digital.

perfect binding.

Perfect binding adds impact and a quality feel to multi-page documents. We can perfect bind reports and books.

screw binding.

Where conventional methods just won’t do, screw binding might give you the edge you’re looking for. We can fabricate covers from all kinds of materials (see drilling) – talk to us and we can show you some samples.


Lamination overlays a microscopically thin layer of film on your printed material. This has several benefits including greater durability, additional thickness giving more presence and ‘Soft-touch’ finishes (matt and velvet laminates) for attractive textures.

Such is the demand for lamination that we’ve equipped ourselves to meet most of your requirements in-house. Our laminator can handle a range of laminate types including:
Gloss, Matt, Satin, Velvet, Anti Vandal/Graffiti, Biodegradable Gloss and Matt.


We like to have as much control over the production of our jobs as possible, all of the processes below are produced in-house:

strut cards.

Perfect for free-standing display cards, these work like photo frames and are extremely solid and durable.

glue dots.

Fix almost anything to your folder, brochure or anything really (within reason).

cd holders.

A quick and effective way to present CD/DVD material within your promotional material. Self adhesive and transparent, clients will get the message instantly.


Add tear-off sections to your printed material.

round cornering.

One of EA Digitals favourite machines – dead simple, but so effective. Choose the corner radius required, put a stack of items under the blade, pull the lever and hey presto – round corners!


Strong reinforcement where eyelet holes are required.

luggage tag loops.

Elasticated loops are available in a variety of sizes and colours for an effective way of creating items such as luggage tags.


Our drilling machine has a variety of drill sizes, from 4mm up to 10mm diameter.

binding rings.

Hinged steel rings for binding, available in a variety of sizes from 14mm to 50mm diameter.
Ideal for show cards, swing cards, sample swatches or any application where multiple items need attaching securely together.


Wobblers or shelf barker can be an effective way of attracting attention by adding adhesive wobbler arms to the reverse of our print giving a 3D appearance. There are a variety of shapes, lengths and styles to choose from.

foil blocking.

Adding a foiled element to add detail with a slightly raised finish, typically metallic colours, but matt foils are also available.


Creating a raised or de-bossed profile direct onto the paper, working best on thicker materials to really give extra depth.

die cutting.

Cut your print to a bespoke shape or design.

spot uv.

Adding a gloss varnish to highlight a specific element on your print, works best when combined with a matt lamination for maximum contrast.

folders/adhesive pockets.

Turn a card leaflet into a wallet folder by adding an adhesive pocket for product cards and other content. A quick and cost-effective way to add extra value to your promotional material.